Quality is not only our standard, It’s also an attitude


Innovation starts with a dream and a plan


We design ecofriendly & innovative solutions


is a privately owned worldwide company with over 30 years of experience in the gas and petrochemical industry, specialized in cryogenic applications. We focus on the construction and design of new technology for on and offshore applications. The projects encompass both the development and implementation as well as the supply of the required components and after sales from our global supplier network.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Service and support for gastankers, industrial equipment for LNG/LPG applications
  • Support, supply and maintenance gas & petrochemical products
  • Wide ranging problem solving in the field of cryogenic  applications
  • Tank design & supply
  • System Supply on customer demand

• Projecting

Being a reliable,  available and progressive partner. Providing high quality and state of the art products.

• Maintenance

We supply maintenance and emergency repairs for gascarrier and onshore plants. Our engineers and technicians are very experienced.

• Spareparts

Regular spare parts supply, replacements or emergency supports - we know the needs and will guarantee our very best to solve any upcoming spare part-problem.

• Supplies

We supply the full range of "On & Off Shore" needed parts.

• After Market

Fast reacting on customers demand is one of our leading intentions. Keeping an eye on state of the art equipment is our policy to support with progressive ideas.

• Logistics

We can serve standard trans. ports, express deliveries, oversize and heavy duty loads as well as just in time shipments.

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