Star Trilobe Tank™

We always challenge the market to provide our customers the best economical, practical and reliable solution they need. This leads for e.g. cryogenic transport solutions from already known bi-lobe tanks to new systems like Trilobe tanks. Therefore, we are building the biggest type C tanks to set new standards in transportation of cryogenic liquids in a constantly more and more challenging market. The Trilobe tanks have a lot of benefits for integration in ships, like reducing the center of gravity or its compact design compared to the storage volume.
We supply approved tanks for on-& offshore applications, follow and support our customers through the certification process. We deliver the safest solution of IMO type C tanks from offshore to onshore applications to create new advantages for our customers. This leads to a flexible storage system, quick in building, increased portability and not directly connected to origin location.

  • Having the possibility of unloading and storing of cryogenic liquids at higher pressure than currently possible, creates advantages in reducing the running cost due to decreasing the heat influx.

  • Negotiations accepting cargoes for lower prices guarantees a trouble-free running of a terminal by accepting a wide range of liquid etc.

  • etc.
The big size of the tanks reduces costs, onshore installation space and still gives the opportunity to deal with increasing cargo ship sizes.